Financial Statement Fraud Detection for Internal Auditors
120,000 INF%
09:00 to 16:00
From 26-03-18 to 29-03-18

This workshop processes the internal audit’s role in detecting financial statement fraud by identifying potentially significant or likely financial statements fraud schemes and developing audit steps to help detect them.



* Deterring and Detecting Financial Statement Fraud

– Financial Statement Fraud

– Internal Auditor’s role in deterring and detecting

Financial Statement Fraud

– Identifying Differences between key Industries


* Manipulation of Assets

– Accounts Receivable Schemes

– Inventory Schemes

– Fixed Asset Schemes


* Manipulation of Liabilities

– Accounts payable Schemes

– Manipulation of Reserves

– Improper Disclosures


* Responding to Indication of Potential  Financial Statement Fraud

– Fraud Investigation

– Consultation with Legal Counsel

– Identifying Boundaries of Potential Conflicts


* Revenue Recognition Manipulation

– Recording Fictitious Revenue

– Revenue From Sales Billed, but not shipped (“Bill and Hold”)

– Accounting Improperly

– Inappropriate Revenue


FOR WHOM: All Internal Auditors, IT Managers, IT Personnel in the Public and Private Sectors.


The training methodology combines lectures, discussions, group exercises and illustrations. Participants will gain both theoretical and practical knowledge of the topics. The emphasis is on the practical application of the topics and as a result participant will go back to the workplace with both the ability and the confidence to apply the techniques learned to their duties.



1ST BATCH                        2ND BATCH      

26th – 29th March, 2018                   4th – 7th September, 2018


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